notice boards

Applications: Indoor and outdoor notice boards
Material: Aluminium and steel
Treatments: Galvanizing and 
thermosetting powder coating
Colour: Anthracite gray (structure) Anodized aluminium (board)
Fastening system: Anchoring screws or special base (optional)



Applications: Direction signposts for pedestrianized areas, at
bus stops, in parks and private spaces, or for advertising.
May also be used indoors in company premises, business centres, exhibition halls and hospitals. The light, linear aesthetic means they are suitable for installation in both historical or modern contexts. The signs, which come in different sizes, are double sided and suitable for silk-screen printing.
Material: Steel and stainless steel
Treatments: Galvanizing and thermosetting powder coating
Colour: Anthracite grey
Fastening system: Embedded in concrete

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